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 Zambian Girl Who Was “Buried” 2 Years Ago Walks Back To Her Parents’ House

There was drama yesterday at Ndola Central police after a girl of Masala township in Ndola who is believed to have died 2 years ago walked back to her parents home to the amusement of everyone , according to neighbours and her parents the girl identified as Winnie died after an illness and the body was taken to the mortuary and later to the named church pastored by pastor Chela in Ndola and she was buried at Mitingo cemetery after body viewing but upon being interviewed the girl who is speaking and acting namely said that it was not her they buried but a banana tree.

By press time yesterday, scores of residents where at the Central Police where the parents and the girl are being kept awaiting for a DNA test to be authorized and conducted on the girl ,the death certificate and birth certificate have been tendered to the police to help find the truth .

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