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 I Caught Our Last Born Having Sex With Our First Born (Elder Brother’s) Pregnant Wife – Should I Talk? – (read this)

Hi APG Redaers,

We received this mail this morning from one of our old time user, he’s confused and needs your candid advise on what to do.

Read his story below:-

Hello Nigerian,

After 5 years of marriage, my elder brother broke the news to us in April that his wife is pregnant. We were all happy.

Then last week Thursday, I came home from school to meet the house abandoned and as silent as a graveyard. I strolled through the parlor to the corridor to the rooms. No one was home.

Hungry and confused, I heard a phone rang in the kitchen. I recognized that ringtone immediately as my younger brother’s own. So, I hurried there to pick up. Hoping it would at least give me a clue as to where every member of the family was.

I was shocked when I saw the number on the phone screen and the name it was saved as. It was my Elder brother’s wife number and my younger brother saved her name as “Sexy Baby“.

I thought it was a dream. I was confused and bitter at the same time. I waited for the phone to finish ringing. I was too shocked to pick up.

When it stopped ringing, a text message came in immediately. The text was a meet up plan for my younger brother to meet her immediately in my elder brother’s house [Just about 6 streets away from our house], followed by a love emoji.

Whew! I couldn’t believe my eyes. What’s this? Love emoji? Between my younger brother and our elder brother’s wife?

I thought about replying her and letting hell loose. But I also thought about not shattering my brother’s home. I was curious to even see what will happen between them at the end.

That moment, my younger brother walked in. I quickly stepped away from the phone and pretended like I saw nothing.

We exchanged pleasantries. He picked his phone, smiled and said a quick bye bye and ran out of the house.

I knew I had to follow him because I wanted to know where this would end. I waited 20 minutes before following him. I got there, had easy access inside [My elder brother’s house], barged into his room and I met my younger brother banging my pregnant brother’s wife like his life depended on it.

I didn’t know what to do. I stepped out almost immediately and ran back home. But I made sure they saw me before I left.

I’m both angry and ashamed right now. They both have been begging me to keep their secret. Although, I haven’t told anybody anything.

I’m angry because I really love my elder brother and he doesn’t deserve this kind of wife. What if her pregnancy isn’t for him?

My mother will die if she finds out that her two sons had sex with the same woman. To crown it all, I was the one that caught them in the act.

Ashamed because of the impending shame about to befall my family if I tell my elder brother what I saw. He’s definitely going to send her packing and it will leave him forever heartbroken. He will never forgive my younger brother as well.

If I don’t tell him and he eventually finds out I know about this ugly story, he won’t forgive me forever and ever 😞

Should I Talk?

Please help me. I don’t know what to do.

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  1. amorwater says:

    u need to call a family meeting hereby ur younger brother and the wife will be there before tell everybody because it can cause a serious problem in the future

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