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 How Bank Officials Withdrew My Money Through Swallowed ATM Card – See Pictures

I have been hearing of this issue, I didn’t believe until it happened to me last week.

I went to withdraw money from Diamond Bank ATM in Gwagwalada, Abuja around 9pm. When it was my turn, I slotted in my ATM card entered my Pin and entered the amount of withdrawal. Only for the Machine to be hang, I was then pressing the red button so it reject my card but alas, it Swallowed my Card.

So disappointed, I told the security man, he said there is nothing can be done, that I should go to my bank which is first Bank to get another ATM card.

I went home that night only for me to be seeing alert of N20,065 four times… And 15,065 once.

And the withdrawal location is in Wuse 2, which is about 50km away from Gwagwalada. My account was emptied and only me know my PIN. Even my wife doesn’t know it.

So the next morning I went to first Bank to complain about the matter, and they told me someone withdrew the money in another location. I told them how possible is that? When
1. Am the only one that know my PIN
2. The location of withdrawal is 50mins away and I got alert less than that time.
3. The card was swallowed up by Diamond bank ATM and I still waited for it to come out but it didn’t.

Infact, the customer care lady said, 2 other people came to complain about the same incident from the same location where my ATM was swallowed.

I was told to visit Diamond bank or the Police.
Quickly I went to police station to lay my complain.
Only for the DPO to tell me to bring N5, 000 to write letter to the bank.
And I told him, where will i get the money from, when they have withdrew all the money in my account.

To cut the long story short, we are still on the matter, I was even made to know that bank officials connive to criminals to get swallowed atm card and correlating PIN, don’t really know how true this is.

It’s becoming a rampant case gradually, rhetoric relevant authority should be informed please.

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