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 I Have Been A Miserable Man Because Of Money (This Man’s Life Story Will Touch You)

My wife tries but he family has really made a mess of my life. They harass me all the time. They insult me for not being able to provide for my family. My father inlaw gave his daughter a duplex when we got married. They dont allow me drink water and drop the cup in the house.

They live a very expensive life and when my children were born,they shower so much money on them and always ridicule me for not being able to spend money. They also started to influence my wife. Telling her I was a gold digger. My wife started to disrespect me.I Have Been A Miserable Man Because Of Money (This Man's Life Story Will Touch You)

She will come into the house whenever she likes. Of course,we have cooks,nanny..so she does not do anything in the house. My two children are left in the care of domestic staff. They drive cars but they will not allow me touch anyone of them.

Many times,I dont even eat in the house cos if I do,I will hear the story of my life.

I started to regret marrying Ajiri. But its almost five years and I have two children. I am sorry,things have not changed for me financially and they dont want to assist me cos if they want to,they can actually help. They dont allow my mom or my family members come to visit.

It is as if,I am just a trophy husband. Like they dont need me..just for Ajiri to answer married woman and to have children.

Last time,Ajiri’s father threatened to lock me up in prison for daring to talk to my wife by raising my voice. Ajiri had entered the house by 1am. It was obvious she had been with a man or men. Cos I have been observing her behavior.

We haven’t been sleeping together for almost 9 months. Yet,she dress sexy and flirt around. I see pictures on her social media. Many times,I have considered leaving this marriage but my children. I love my children,I dont want to leave them with their mom cos she is not a good mother. her family will not allow me take them with me. To be honest,I cannot provide for them if I take them. I am actually fed up. I am a miserable man and I dont know what to do.

From Sunday,


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  1. Enter your name... says:

    My brother is too miserable to be in such mess!
    I wish you could just go and look for any job to while away time pending the time the mercy of God will come to avoid terminal sickness.

    Am in a close mess here too, is a pity I live far from Lagos. But I have been making contact on where I can stay in Lagos to look for any job.
    When it was rosy I was the in-laws don, but now when am in this financial downfalls am treated like a stooge and my wife is influenced to be a close character of yours.

    May God help us.

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