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Adekuoroye Tolu: “Church Wedding Is Not Compulsory”

A Nigerian Photographer has expressed her views on church wedding, in her words

“Church wedding is not compulsory ooo. It’s fine if you do it if you love the glamour and the whole experience of a church wedding. It is not a sin to do church wedding. In fact, it is an opportunity to have your brother’s and sisters in church celebrate a great day in your life.

Now, it is also not a sin to not do church wedding. It was not commanded by God. No Apostle mentioned it. Jesus did not recommended it. It’s just one of those things the church decided to start doing.
It means that if you do not like the drama around Church weddings, you may opt out. If you do not have the financial strength, you may drop it. Don’t make life harder on yourself.

That established, the bible fully acknowledges a marriage between a man and his wife in the presence of family, friends and well wishers. The pastor may be invited to join them and pray for them. Also, the marriage needs to be registered at the Registry with the government and that’s all to give it legal backing.

Don’t kill yourself over what God did not send you. Do what you can do and move on. What the Bible disapproves is cohabitation and sexual relations outside marriage.”

What do you guys think?

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