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Mr Vernumbe Emmanuel was dumbstruck when he learned he had been diagnosed with nose cancer. His chase for treatment over the past two years did not come to any fruition as the hospitals he visited held no solution to alleviate the life-threatening nose cancer. His concerned aunt, Mrs Billy Afoke, recalled that the problem caused her nephew sleepless nights as he had difficulty in breathing. In addition to the difficulty he encountered to find sound sleep, he had to endure severe neck pain and chronic headaches.

Accompanying her nephew, Mr Vernumbe Emmanuel, to The SCOAN, Mrs Billy Afoke said that during the Mass Prayer offered by Prophet T.B. Joshua during the Sunday Live Service, she was surprised to notice Emmanuel had disappeared from beside her. However, when she looked around, she saw him on his knees with thick blood rushing out of his nostrils.

Testifying to the goodness of what God has done in his life, Emmanuel said that during the Mass Prayer he felt something burst inside his nose and then the blood flow started immediately after. He told people of God that the severe headaches and neck pains ceased instantly, to God be the glory. He advised the congregation and viewers all over the world to believe in God and that there is never a problem Jesus Christ cannot solve and never a sickness Jesus Christ cannot heal.

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