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 Reuben Acka : Civil servant cries out after being queried for inciting Nigerians against the government – Read

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There are forces in Nigeria that want to wreck Nigeria,Knowingly or unknowingly. My office The Corporate Affairs Commission has Issued me a query that as a Public Servant Iam not expected to cry to my God loudly that my brothers and sisters are being killed daily,that my Facebook page has become a forum for abusing big men,inciting Nigerians against the government of Buhari and abusing Fulani people. They printed some pages of my contribution on this page and attached and asked me to respond within 48 hours.

I know the composition in my office does not favor me,has never favored me since I joined the commission. So another discriminatory query has come my way. Modibbo Abdulkadir my former Fulani friend said here that ” they will deal with me” . Modibbo well done. You have started dealing with me.

Make this post viral,spread it everywhere,bombard CAC on line,spread the news to NGOs,everywhere. This post too will reach those who sat,planned,connived and gave me the query. I will respond the best way I can. And then copy all the “copyables”. Can we see where Nigeria is heading to? Despite all abuse,all threats to President Jonathan even from Public Servants like me,none was queried for any thing.why are our leaders so Intolerant and abhore constructive criticism so much? Does it mean no Fulani man has abused and laughed on Facebook against the Killings in Nigeria? I know those who have engaged me in very offensive,abusive and ” inciting threats” on my Facebook page.

One public servant from the Villa has already been sacked for criticizing Buhari and the government. Many are facing discriminatory queries.

Today again,like they did in the continuous killings in Benue,The Middle Belt Chiarman of The Miyetti Allah Kauta Hore issued a statement in Jos saying the over 100 people killed in three local govt areas of Plateau state yesterday was as a result of rustling of 300 cattles. That it was revenge killings. This man is a Fulani man. He did not hide this fact. But he won’t be arrested for even accessory after the fact of the killings. But if Berom and Tiv people start crying and wailing as it is their custom to cry and wail,they will be queried for ” inciting ethnic hatred”.

Who will be proud of Nigeria today? Who will stand up to be counted as fighting against creeping dictatorship and ethnicization of Nigeria?

We are really in trouble in Nigeria. Very serious trouble.

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