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  My Virgin Girlfriend Is Frustrating Me – Read This Guy’s Story (18+)

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I have a girlfriend who I love so much. It’s been more than a year now… We’ve had the ups and downs which makes every relationship peculiar in it’s own way. Everything I do, is been done out of love. Not because I want to have sex with her. I have shown her, I am not with her because of sex. If it were that, I’d have left… And then she can say all men are the same. For her, I have done what I haven’t done for my mom or sister, not even a third(I’m sorta ashamed even adding this, but it is what it is).

The issue is this, I want to make sure she is totally mine. But whenever I mention sex, she’d tell me not to think about that, that it isn’t within her capacity, blah blah blah. Yet, she claims to love me… Frustratingly annoying. I find it difficult to cheat on her; my conscience is overly active I guess.

At other times, my sexual energy towards her just wanes… Because it’s more or less futile. I just force myself to kiss and make out with her to keep the relationship going.

On the flip side, I have a friend, a lady who wants me to date her, extremely rich girl… Even tells me to accompany her to the UK, France sometimes, I just wave it off. She calls me to tell me she loves me(which I laugh off), takes initiative, gets me things I don’t even need and a lot more. I am not the materialistic freak. I can’t double date and I can’t get down with some other person and act as though all is well. I just don’t tick that way.

We make out and all of that, but at the mention of sex, she becomes moody, telling me it’s not honorable.

What’s your proffered solution?

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