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 My Fiancé Of Five Years Dumped Me For Another Lady, What Should I Do? (Read How It Started)

Dear readers below is a story of love, betrayal, forgiveness and rejection. Please, read, learn and of course help the person involved with your advice.

Love is pure, love is painful, love is sweet and love is dreadful. Love is something we strive for and something we mourn the loss of. Especially when it is true love.

No wonder a lovesick panda once said that “if you’ve never been hurt, you’re either very lucky, or very lonely”.

My story started on a happy note but gradually ended on a sad note day by day.

I spent a good 5 years of my life with someone I believed really loves me.

I met Charles during my final year in school and we became friends, three months later he proposed to me and I gave him a YES answer two months later.

After two years of our relationship, I told him I wanted to know his people but he kept on posting me. Giving me series of excuses like he would like to take me to them when everyone will be around.

Meanwhile, anytime I visited him we do have sex before leaving. I was doing this not because I was cheap but just to satisfy him and to restrain his eyes from other ladies.

Four years after, nearly all my friends who were singles when I met Charles were already married but the reverse was my case. One Saturday, during my visit, I called him and said to him that “I would like us to get separated since it seems there was no future for the relationship.”
He held my hands tight to him and promise to take me to his people soonest. A month later he took me to one of his uncles and introduced me to him as his wife to be. I was happy a bit because I actually wanted to meet his parents not his uncle but I thought half bread is better than nothing.

Weeks later, he stopped calling or picking my calls and when I visited him he gave different excuses. A month after, he packed from his house without no one knowing his new place. I later got to know that he is now living in Port Harcourt with another lady who he impregnated.

It is now five years, and I can’t still believe what happened to me.

Now, the problem is I now find it difficult to love again as I keep chasing away any man around me.

Age is no longer on my side as I am now 37-year-old and everyone around me is complaining but I can’t help myself.

Please, friends, help me with your useful advice



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