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Actress Lilian Afegbai Talks On Feminism And Marrying Someone Who Earns Less …

Actress, Lilian Afegbai had an interview with BroadwayTV and discussed her life as an actor and feminism in Nollywood.

When asked if she could marry someone who earns less than her,she said it’s relative and concluded that she doesn’t pray to marry someone who earns less than her.

Her achievement for now is ”being able to produce her first movie at 26 yrs and taking it to the cinema…..being able to focus on my readership business,my construction life and being an actress,I think those are my biggest achievement ,i am doing well for a 26 yr old girl”

Her take on feminism ”I feel like sometimes people get it confused…feminism doesn’t mean you should insult your husband or boyfriend or think you are dominating everywhere.feminism means oh you are hard working,you are a Boss lady,you are taking care of your family,you are also working at the same time.you know your rights and not allowing anybody to step on you but at the same time you know your values and they are set right.feminism doesn’t mean all of a sudden your husband is your puppet and you can talk to him anyhow..”

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