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 She’s A Terrible Cook And Frowns Too Much – Read This Guy’s Story

Hi! For the sake of anonymity, i decided to use this new account.

I met this girl last December, but we officially started dating in January, I love her and I think she loves me too.Everything is going so well and all things been equal, i may pop the question next year December.

The problem started when I told her to come spend last weekend with me and honestly I regretted that.

After going to pick her on friday evening, i told her there’s isn’t food at home and that i was thinking of cooking spaghetti.

Getting home, it occurred to me that i have never tasted her food so I decided to let her do the cooking.(NB:I cook! like am a very good cook) so after some minutes in the kitchen, she signaled me to come eat but damn!the food was a colossal disaster! It was so overcooked and tasteless. I was not happy that evening and I complained about it.

The next day was a Saturday! She prepared yam and veggies but that was another disaster, the yam was salty and the veggies were also so overcooked. They were no longer greenies but brown.

Another thing i also noticed about her is is throughout our 3 days together, she was always moody! I really don’t think it’s because of the food disaster because my complain lasted for just some minutes.Am still trying to figure out why someone will choose to be moody and sad for no tangible reason.

Last weekend with her was a depressing one for me and right now, am seriously rethinking popping the Question next year because i don’t want to be an unhappy married man.
I really don’t know what to do

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