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 Survey: Virtually All Of Nigerian Young Ladies Are Into Runz Biz! – Check This

I should have posted this since about a week but I have been down with arm pit boils! (16 boils after using a arm bit body spray! Little did I know alcohol body strays irritates the skin when you apply it on a shaved fresh arm pit!) got admitted, been here in hospital for 7 days now undergoing surgical operation. Its now I can feel my arms yo. Lol

Okay yo so back to the main matter at hand, virtually all Nigerian ladies are into prostitution business. How did I come about this conclusion? I sideloaded an app on my android phone called “in message” my purpose here was to look for a girl I can date around my city since I don’t find good looking decent ones in person, I thought to my self yo maybe the decent ones are indorrs and would most likely use dating apps! Yeah great idea!

So I quickly signed up yo and every lady I chatted up looked decent, classic and well dressed, about the 20 first responded well but along the line they all changed and said they don’t need a relationship they only want hook up. I said to myself, yo! Is every one here all about hook up? I was quite confused!

Don’t get me wrong I know there are ladies who do runz business in Nigeria, but I didn’t expect it to be this much like out of every 9/10 ladies do runz and the only 1 left out only wants to date for the money! (gold digging)

I met a few girls in person at shoprite, and I asked them if they do hook ups, and they said yeah! Like about 7/10 in girls I met at shoprtite all agreed for hook up.

Now back to inmessage, every lady on there both the pretty and very decent looking ones do hook up. Only very few like 2/100 was there for relationship and they are most likely not to reply you if your profile is not flashy.

Now here are various screenshot I was able to get because I reinstalled the app and the messages Al cleared. I had to re chat the ones online so I could get screenshot.

Why am I posting this? I am posting this because it’s surprising at how far this generation has degraded! Especially with the Nigerian youths!

90% of guys in Nigerian are into yahoo business, now the same for the girls, 90% of them are now into runz business.

I was with a girl sometime ago, her nf called her in my present, we were about to have sex, it was a friend with benefit something because she don’t want to date me but likes the sex since she already has a bf, so we agreed on fwb, after she dropped the call, we went down hard.
Shine your eyes before you marry any Nigerian girls because most have been bleeped in exchange for money.

All naija youths hustling ill hustles.
I weep for Nigeria.

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