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 Please Advice Me! My Best Friend’s Sister Is Disturbing Me For S*x, I Am Tempted, What Can I Do? – Read My Story

Good day and hope you all are doing great?

A confused man needs your advise on how best he can avoid the temptation of sleeping with his best friend’s sister.

Read what he sent to us via Email below:-

There is a code that you must not date your friend’s sister. Some guys follow it and i think its best to follow it too.

How can my friend be comfortable discussing about other babes to me when he knows i am the one servicing his own sister.

See Funke (not real name) is the girl of your dreams; Busty, curvy and a nice backside. She is fair in complexion and has got a cat eyes, shes average height.

The whole problem began when she returned from the University. Whenever i am around she is always laughing at my jokes and staring at my eyes. Kind of like she is always smiling whenever i am around, i just tire.

My worst nightmare was when she stole my number from her brothers phone. She started texting me on whatsapp that she likes how i talk and her brother doesn’t have to know about our friendship. Just like that? Chai.

She even sends me her nude pictures without her face, i know it is hers cause i know how her breasts look like.

She has been disturbing that she wants to come over to my house for visit, considering i live alone.

Please i cant imagine my friendship just fade away because of his sister.

I don’t even know if i like her back but she tempts me.

Please Naijalodities, how can I tell her to stop texting me, or should i do the package without my friend knowing?

I need your advice.

Thank you all 🙏🏾

Drop your comment for him please.

May God bless you all as you do.

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