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Reality Star Nina Called Out By Instagram Hair Seller For Using Her Hair Pictures


The accusation was made by Port-Harcourt based hair dealer known as QueenzHair. According to her, Nina stole her unbranded hair pictures and then posted them on IG as if they belong to her.

She wrote:

“Apparently @nina_empire_ and @nina_ivy_ (her hair page) has been using my pictures as theirs. Apparently she or her rep chatted me up, posing as a prospective wholesale client wholesale to get me to send them my unbranded pictures of raw hairs i sell.

A client chatted me up asking me if I buy hair from Nina to resell. That we have d same pictures on our page. I was shook. Went to her page and saw for myself that it was true. She has about 5 of my hair pics there. Those are pictures i snapped in February and i have proof of that.I had to ask the client to check when i posted mine, and also sent her d original pictures from my phone gallery.
I am an importer and hair supplier that works in collaboration with a factory in Vietnam to produce my raw hairs. I don’t want her rubbishing my brand and integrity.

My client commented on her page saying that the picture she posted was for @queenzhairandwigs. She deleted d comments.I sent nina empire a dm, but she ignored my messages up till now.

Nina empire has been previously called out sometime in June, by another hair seller on @distinctvendors for using the vendors personal pics on her hair page without permission.. Clearly she is unrepentant. She is unknowingly casting doubt on my business integrity by posting my pictures as hers. Many people people are telling me to leave it since she is a celeb. I can’t.. I work my ass off daily to build my brand.

My integrity is all i have going for me in my business .I can’t have my clients asking me if Nina @nina_empire_ is my supplier?I won’t keep Calm and watch a “celeb” rubbish my brand i have been building for years with my blood, sweat and tears. She takes pictures from pages of different hair vendors to pass off as hers without giving them credit and even boldly writes “Ninas empire” pictures on hairs she didn’t snap; nor got from her supplier or factory. She is very unrepentant despite having been called out by @tseju_hair1 on @distinctvendors because she feels she can get away with it.”

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