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Foreigner accuses Abuja hotel of food poisoning and theft

Carlene, an outsider from Trinidad and Tobago has blamed an Abuja inn for nourishment harming and robbery after she held up in their office.

The woman who affirmed that she was served spoiled meat and the Abuja lodging administration apologized after she pointed out their it, additionally revealed that she fell sick and was admitted to two unique healing centers in Abuja over the sustenance.

Carlene who additionally uncovered that the lodging administration guaranteed to deal with her therapeutic costs yet never did, included that when she got released from the doctor’s facility and came back to the Abuja inn, she found her tote containing her restorative report from the healing facility and also other critical records, was stolen.

Read what she sent LIB below;

“Carlene am a citizen of Trinidad and Tobago I was staying at sabbatical suites hotel for sometime and got food poisoning by a meal the hotel prepared the meat was spoiled rotten and I informed the hotel manager at the time he came saw the meal and later apologize for it and so did the cook.

But later that evening I started to vomit and stool uncontrollably and was take to zone 3 hospital in Abuja from there I was transferred to national hospital.

I informed the hotel and the general manager came to the hospital and agreed to take care of my medical expenses but later did not he however informed that he can’t take up my medical expenses without management consent but he however did sign an undertaking that he will accompany me to come settle the bill which he never did as it is now.

When I got discharged from the hospital and the manager took me back to the hotel the following morning when I left to go out to get a meal on my return my handbag was missing from my room along with the medical report and other important documents that belong to me.

I informed management of what’s happening and they say they can’t give an account of my missing handbag though I left with my room key. I immediately checked out of the hotel into another and made an official report to the utako police station where they invited the hotel manager and receptionist to begin investigation into the matter up to now no concrete inform has been brought into the messing handbag but it was learned that the chef that prepared my meal was actually a waitress.”

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