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I Nearly Made-out In A Car on A First Date …

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We met at an event and I liked him already.. But since I was in a hurry to leave, we had a little chat and then exchanged business cards… I kept his card hoping that he would rather call me(I cannot come and be rushing man).

He called 3days later and we had an exotic dinner at one of the beautiful places I never knew existed in this town.. I was wowed.

As we ate I tried to study him some more(and vice versa I guessed). First of all, he looked so edible that I was tempted to leave my food to devour him first… A man who doesn’t need to look himself twice in a mirror to be sure he looks good.. Skin colour of a ginger bread, cladded on a perfect designer’s T-shirt as if his name was specifically mentioned when the shirt was made.. Full of humor and very sensitive that I began to imagine him in bed.. He would be so attentive to my emotional needs… A man who my reaching orgasm would be more important to than him ejaculating.

After the dinner, he was to go drop me at home.. As we entered the car and jammed the doors, he drew me close and pecked my lips, as if I was expecting that, I gave no resistance, then he kissed me and I responded.. We had another go and yet another go.

The kiss became deeper and deeper, then went so intensive and passionate.. We hugged on each other like bread and butter.

He reached for the car seats, pulled them down and we felt more relaxed.. Again, he reached for my breast, cupped one with his palm, fondled it and it felt so good. I reached for his groin, it was full and ready for action.

As he struggled to bring out my boobs to suckle on them, that hovering spirit whispered to me “you shouldn’t be making out on a first date”.

I immediately drew myself away from him, re-adjusted my dress and asked him to take me home.. He was obedient and did as I asked. We got to my house, I hugged him, bade him goodnight and entered my apartment, then he drove away.

Sisters help me and thank God on this achievement..I didn’t end up making out with a guy on a first date.

The story above 👆 is the kind of achievements I see people celebrate in some of the many facebook(especially female) groups I’m added into and I keep leaving those groups.

It always feels like I can’t seem to fit into anywhere, but the truth is that some kind of achievements we women celebrate leave me exhausted.. Bad exhaustion that makes me weak.

So you didn’t fuck on your first date, that’s is the achievement you will celebrate for 12months.. Sharing and recounting the episode in every Nigerian women forum awaiting a standing ovation and a medal… Until the next achievement when you finally breaks up with a boyfriend after baking pancakes for him and swallowing his cum for 5years.. Again we applaud and celebrate you.

If we weren’t such hypocritical moralists, you’d sex whoever you want to sex(first date not withstanding) and still go ahead to build your empire…. But “No” you won’t, because the thing about moral knotted with religion is the convenience of choosing it’s own sin(s).

In less than 3years a white woman fucked whoever she wishes to, but since it isn’t worth of thanksgiving, she went ahead to join a team to build one of the biggest technology firm in the world or something really amazing…. That’s an achievement.

Don’t get me wrongly… I’m not saying that you should go ahead and sleep with anything that comes your way, but that you didn’t have something as natural as sex on a first date is not an achievement enough or even worth celebrating.

Few days ago, I saw some group of women celebrating a lady that recounted her story of not kneeling down for her husband at their traditional marriage and I keep wondering if these women would even know great when it hit them across their faces.. Their ambitions in life are lame… I’m sorry, I can’t deal.

We’re recording some of the most despicable kind of achievements.

Women, you need to stop worrying about the language your vagina is speaking or how you think men are your problems and push all your energy into your mind… Stop being so slow. The world is evolving so fast and you won’t catch the bus if you continue to think like a lamb and keep celebrating frivolities.

You see those 6 Nigerian secondary school girls that won Silicon Valley contest in USA for app that spot fake drugs… Celebrate them, don’t ever stop celebrating them because they’re the real kind of “achievers”.

Start today to record a new kind of achievements in your life….
If you must subscribe to anything, subscribe to a new way of thinking.. Subscribe to creativity… Subscribe to new discovery… Subscribe to knowledge.. Subscribe to technology… Subscribe to science..
These are the elements of our future…

And in all your subscriptions, don’t forget to subscribe to your craft, fine tune it, understand it and live it.

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