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I was in my room one day, and saw a rat (probably a bachelor) move into my room with some of its belongings, and started living with me,because of the way it conducted itself the few days it came,it didn’t eat any of my foodstuffs or ate any of my books,it used to go somewhere else and hutsle, then come back early in the morning, I decided to apply the law of “live and let live” and officially accepted it as my room mate.

After some months of peaceful cohabitation,it started messing up,bringing it’s girlfriends to my house while I wasn’t around,using my toothbrush to brush it’s hairs..there was this particular rat girl it brought, when she left,I saw some bloods on my floor,I guess the girl rat was a virgin.
At a time,it started messing up even before my presence, I will be watching the TV,it will come in ,collect the remote and change the station to cartoon network..
there was even a particular day I went to bath only to find it and the girlfriend bathing in my bathroom, I have to leave the bathroom just to give them some privacy because the girlfriend was actually Stark naked..
Then, suddenly,i started noticing that my kerosene was going down,and later found out that it impregnated one of the girlfriends and was giving her my kerosene to abort the baby which was abortive.. I wanted to send them away, but it pleaded with me that the girlfriend is pregnant, that I should allow them stay for some time, and probably look for another place to stay..
Thank God,the semester was already almost over,so I ve to leave the room for them,having in mind that before I come back, the girlfriend must have given birth,and they must have gotten another accommodation…
Only for me to come back,opened my room, to my bewilderment,i saw six extra small rats (probably the new borns) playing around with my boxers,i noticed that the TV was on,checking who was watching the TV, I saw a gigantic rat on bed concentrating on the TV,..trying to know who she is,I found out that she is the rat’s mother in-law, she came for OMUGWO!!.

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