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A referee was shockingly chased by footballer before they wrestled him to the ground and kicked him in the head.

The scene, which included the referee being left in a motionless heap, was recorded by a spectator in the Venezuelan capital Caracas during a third-tier match between Caracas FC and Minasoro.

Local media say the referee had blown for a free-kick in the 94th minute as the Minasoro goalkeeper held the ball for more than six seconds to waste time with his team winning 1-0.
Caracas scored the equaliser from the set piece and the Minasoro players were reportedly furious with the referee for awarding the free-kick.

Minasoro players ran at the referee while police officers pitchside tried to hold them back at the Cocodrilos Sports Park.
The ref then began sprinting away as the players tried to kick him to the ground.
He managed to run past the goal but was eventually caught, dragged to the ground and kicked from behind.

After flooring the official, the player who hauled him down kicked the ref in the head and left him motionless before Caracas players and police run in to stop the attack.
A linesman can then be seen being thrown to the ground by Minasoro players as the chaotic scenes continued.

The match is understood to have finished 1-1.
Neither club nor the Venezuelan Football Federation have commented on the incident.
There are no updates on the referee’s condition.

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