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A woman, Ocheido Marie had this to say about the difficulty disabled people go through walking into Nigerian banks
Dear @gtbank,
As a wheelchair user, I have some concerns over the way your facilities exclude me from your services. Of all Nigerian Banks, GTBank is my favourite because I can go an entire year with zero complaints and as such I don’t have any reason to visit your banking hallsPlease can this be addressed for the sakes of others?
Recently, however, I needed to access my NGO’s account and pick up a new debit card and I had to visit your branch in Kubwa which is closest to me. It gave me great pleasure to see that there were disability ramps in place for people like me but on going up, I quickly realised that my wheelchair would not be able to pass through your mantrap doors.
Some of your other branches, along with the narrow doors, do not even have ramps in place for people with special needs (as shown in the picture). Over 20 million Nigerians have a disability, some of which requires that they make use of wheelchairs. You can agree with me then that it is very unfair to build your facilities like this without consideration for wheelchair users who also require your services.

I hope you look quickly into this and make the necessary changes.

Thank you.

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