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 6 Reasons Nigerian Men Run From Marriage

When it comes to romance, Nigerian men are known to be actively engaging. Apart from their culture of carrying the financial burden of relationship with women, they harness every opportunity to appeal to their lovers, be it on social-network sites, in their respective offices, religious organizations, clubs among others.
Now I’m going to list 6 reasons why Nigerian men run from marriage

1. No wife materials
Common among some men is the reservation that there is scarcity of ‘wife-materials’ in Nigeria.

2. They get sex freely without marriage than in time past
Realizing now that they can get sex more easily than in times past, when ‘virginity’ for women was a pass value to marriage, some men now feel lot of women today have lost it when it comes to keeping themselves whole.

3. Nigeria weddings are expensive

In a country where a man is expected to marry a woman in three different kinds of wedding- Religious, Traditional and Court, the cost of marriage no doubt is something men find very intimidating. Presently the average Nigeria wedding cost something like N700,000 and the it goes upward from that to more unimaginable cost.

4. In search of a ‘working class’
Today, most Nigerian men are in search of a wife capable of sharing financial responsibilities with them. Gone are the days when men marry ‘full-house-wives’, the increasing cost of living has tilted most men in favor of ladies who have a means of livelihood and willing to share with their man, the burden of building a home.

5. Unrealistic Expectations from In-laws
Some parents have set certain standards for anyone who will marry their child, either way be it that such expectations are from the groom parent’s or bride, the regulations sometimes affect relationships.

6. Trust issues
Most times, people fear to get committed into a relationship because of trust issues. Some men have been bruised in their past relationships and therefore they don’t want to put themselves out there.

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