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 My A Month Old Girlfriend Did This 

This is gonna be a kinda long read, so I implore you guys to be activate your reading mode.

Sometime in March, I went to an ATM to withdraw a paltry sum for feeding. (men don suffer )

There, I met this beautiful, fair, slay queen. I wanted to approach her, but my liver failed me momentarily.

Before the queue dried up, I gathered morale on grounds that “all die na die . I walked up to her; i greeted her politely; I chat her up and she responded well.

I couldn’t believe my luck; a beautiful specimen was talking to an old Hag like me. I asked for her number; she gave it to me and the rest became histoire

Fast-forward, 3 days later, we were talking on phone and she requested that I sub for her cos she had ran out of data.
I was like “haba! I don enter one chance ” but still, I subbed for her.

A week later, she said she wanted to visit me and that she isn’t financially buoyant enough to trans herself; I nearly fainted but as a G, I transferred 1k to her account.

she finally arrived; I wanted to hug her, but she instead gave me a kiss. I went into oblivion. After what seemed like forever, I returned a happy man. However, my happiness was cut short when she requested for chilled water; I started scratching an imaginary itchy scald. Nonetheless, I explained to her that the rotationary credit and drift society I was in was yet to pay me cos It hasn’t gotten to my turn yet. I also told her that when it gets to my turn, that It would remain 20k for the money to get a refrigerator.she said OK.

I entertained her the best I could; when she wanted to leave, she requested for my acc number. I wouldn’t have given her if I judged from her earlier leechy attitude, but she told me she sells clothes. (Nice business I thought).

I was expecting maybe 3k or something, but the following morning; I saw a first bank text; I checked on the message and my heart nearly failed me.

She had sent a whopping 40k to my account. I called her to thank her profusely; she said I should use the extra 20k to add more finishing touches to my apartment.
Now, that subtle insult was bound to be overlooked cos my joy knew no bounds.

Getting married wouldn’t be so difficult after all.

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