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 “We Humans Are Making The World A Sick Place, Yet We Blame God”

When we humans mess things up, we turn around to blame God. We forget that he gave us all we need to make life better for each and everyone of us, but we mismanage them."We Humans Are Making The World A Sick Place, Yet We Blame God" - See How

Look at what is happenning in Nigeria today. We are laying the foundation for our dooming, and we are stupidly cheering it on. We are gradually becoming proud of doing the wrong things. Look at those we are celebrating and enriching; people of questionable character.

Tonto Dikeh recently bagged a Niger Delta award for PEACE. From the outfit she wore to the event, it shouldn’t take anyone to study rocket science to know she doesn’t represent peace. Someone that couldn’t maintain the peace in her marriage and is known to be violent is now seen as an ambassador for peace in a troubled Niger Delta region. Now we know why the region is the way it is.

BamBam who got sexed in the toilet is now getting endorsed and interviewed all across media houses. When will a girl who scored the highest in WAEC get such attention? We humans hardly read their news. But when it comes to BBNaija, we known everything about the show. Still, we turn around to wonder why children now prefer to pay for miracle centres when they want to write exams.

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Bisola who was live on TV s*cking and munching d*ck is now a UN ambassador for the girl child. Female children are to now look up to her and draw inspiration from her actions. Can you all now see why the UN is sick and can never bring peace?


Do you think it makes sense for a show to give millions to an individual in a country where millions are wallowing in poverty? What exactly did the individual do to deserve such? What does that teach our youths? It teaches them that hardwork doesn’t pay cos you can now sleep and have sex to become a millionaire.

People see nothing wrong with the show. Many youths are out there getting up early to catch the morning bus so as to beat traffic, while someone who slept for months woke up a millionaire. Is that money not enough to end the poverty of thousands? Why give it to just one person who did not significant that others can’t do?

Many youths are looking for funds to go for farming or start up a business, yet these multinational companies are endorsing BBNaija housemates with millions, housemates who spent months indoors doing nothing.

The sad part is that people see nothing wrong in all of these. They won’t until we all look back and don’t know where a problem came from.

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  1. shegzy says:

    U are so right

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