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  Dangers of sleeping with a married person

“Hi David,

I am in my late 40’s. Kindly allow me to share with my colleagues on the platform the dangers of sleeping with a married person.

I have ignorantly slept with Two (2) married women (not more than twice in each case). The troubles l suffered are unimaginable. My career, finances and spiritual life were affected. The most painful part was, my wife also joined the train. She just couldn’t say no to any man that came her way. It took the Mercy of God to restore my life to what l am today.

By the nature of my job, l go round Ghana and other parts of the world. I can confidently tell you hotels are very scarce commodity in Ghana during weekends. How come that hotels are now second mourning grounds for funerals especially in the Southern sector of Ghana? Your guess is as good as mine. About five years ago, things of this nature were not part of our culture.

The enemy is using this form of, so called, ‘secret enjoyment’ to destroy lives especially young men.

King David was a prophet of God but he was not spared when he crossed the red line of God.
To you young men out there, your future and a good relationship with God is greater than anything.

Let us be guided by this wise words, Kama misses No address.

Thank you.”

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