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“I slapped my wife in the presence of my kid. It wasn’t intentional. I was just provoked. She talks too much and doesn’t seem to know when to shut the f*ck up. I usually walk away from her constant talking. She doesn’t give me peace at home, Dave. She always has something to say, because she’s the only one in the world with something to say every time.

I want to apologise to her, but I am not sorry. My son witnessed me hit the mother, and though he is young (4 years), I feel he understands what he saw. My wife is changing me into an angry person. Now, I hear her voice and I am pissed. I eat out so not to disturb her or hear her talk. I like my peace and quiet.

Why can’t some women see that and leave some of us alone? I am not cheating. I just don’t feel at peace whenever she is the one talking to me. She irritates me. I would rather watch TV or listen to Radio.

Do I love my wife? I do! She has a good character. She’s a Christian. I just don’t like hearing her voice. It gives me headache. I can live with her peacefully, and continue being faithful to her – if she can only channel her constant talking to her friends or siblings. I can’t stand her, honestly!”

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