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“David. How much worth of money can a married woman or man accept as a gift from the opposite sex?

I am asking this because recently I saw my wife holding a shoprite shopping voucher worth GHs 500 cedis. When I asked her, she told me a male friend gave it to her. And the male friend was given at his workplace and didn’t have any use for it so when she asked him for her X’mas present, he handed it over to her.

I find it strange that a guy at my wife’s age wouldn’t​ be having any wife or at least, a girlfriend, to give such a voucher to. He doesnt have a sister or mother to give that voucher to but my wife? Without any strings​ attached?

And the sad thing is, knowing my wife, if it were the other way round, as in, me telling her I had a gift worth GHs 500 cedis from a female, all hell would have broken loose.

So I want to know how much can be accepted as a gift if u are a married man or woman.

Thank you Dave.”

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