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 Lady Accuses Politician Of Kidnapping & Raping Her; & Pushing Her Out By 2AM

Something is Happening on Twitter, A lady, liz
@abbyollar exploded last night with a threat that she is suing a Benue state Politician who kidnapped, Raped and Sexually Abused her, Reading through her posts, they seem like friends, But she never gave details of how they were before the rape, Because according to her, she is keeping it for the lawsuit she’s filling, But that the man Oryinna Orvaa called her, she entered his car, and he forcefully took her to his house and raped her, Quite a confusing story, but take a read below!Lady Accuses Politician Of Kidnapping & Raping Her; & Pushing Her Out By 2AM - SEE Pictures

I have a story. Short and precise.
I’m filing a rape charge against this wannabe politician @OryinaDegreat
The evil you have done in this world is enough.

You blocked me off whatsapp, are you sure you don’t wanna do the same on Twitter?
I was molested sexually, raped, and physically abused by this man @OryinaDegreat but he doesn’t know what he has coming.

How can my kindness be taken for stupidity.. I was not going to make a spectacle but I deserve justice and @OryinaDegreat you deserve to be jailed for the rest of your life.

I have been pushed around enough. After this ill treatment, he then introduced me to a supposed laptop repairer who took my 6k (still hasn’t returned it), my RAM and hard drive were exchanged.

How can a man call to say he’s parked outside, kidnap you, drive off to his place and then tell you to shut up when you ask to be taken back home.
Howww? Only in Benue state have I ever seen such filth.
I had to walk barefoot by 2am till I found keke to take me home.
You peasant

You have done so many things I have been quiet about, but not anymore.
Everyone that comes in contact with you, should know just how toxic you are.

@OryinaDegreat As long as the rule of law exists, you best believe I’m coming for you and I will make you regret everything you did to me, rapist.

… and those who dont know what to make of any of what i just said, it’s okay.
Just know this: there is still an epidemic of men who don’t know how to keep their hands to themselves and who don’t understand consent
Ji masun.

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