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Ks1 Malaika: My N200M House In Lekki Worth Was Revealed By My Engineer

When Nigerian fuji musician, Alhaji Alao Adekunle Malaika, completed a house worth N200 million in Lekki, Lagos, last year, it instantly became a topic of discussion on social media.

While some people argued that the house was not worth the reported N200m, others questioned the legitimacy of the musician’s source of income.

However, in an encounter with Sunday Scoop, Malaika said he found it disturbing that people did not believe he could build a house worth N200m. He said, “I have been in the music industry for over three decades. I started my music career when I was 10-year-old before I later formed my band. If someone has been doing something from such a young age and he does it well, why wouldn’t he be able to build such a house for himself? If I’m into terrible things, people would have known by now. As a matter of fact, I have achieved a lot but I don’t like bragging about things I do or have. The Lekki home, which generated a lot of reactions, is not my first achievement in life.”

His Net Worth is Estimated at $700,000

Malaika, however, revealed that he did not tell anybody the worth of his house. He said, “I never gave anyone the figure but my engineer later told me that some journalists called him and he told them. I told him I didn’t like it and I warned him to always inform me whenever he wanted to answer questions about me.”

The fuji singer, who recently celebrated his 45th birthday in different countries, stressed that he was not the type who got disturbed about comments on social media. “Being criticised or questioned is the price we pay for stardom. Fame comes with a lot of negative and positive things. If you are getting positive results and you don’t expect any negativity, it means you are not thankful to God,” he stated.

Explaining why he celebrated his 45th birthday in South Africa, Dubai, Ibadan and other places, he said, “That is the only thing I have not done before. I have been to the motherless babies’ home and they’ve held a football tournament in my honour too. I have done a lot to celebrate my birthday; so, I wanted to do something different.”

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