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 “SARS Officials Accuse Man Of Being A Yahoo Boy In Rivers, Beat Him, Collect N150k”

A Nigerian man,Itemuagbor,who lives in Port Harcourt took to Facebook to share the story of how he was beaten by SARS in Port Harcourt.According to him,they collected 150k from him and accused him of being a Yahoo boy.Below is what he wrote…

‘Scars and bruises I received from the hands of SARS once again. second time since this year!

I am the hardest worker in the room. my weeks are dominated by 18-20hours work days. that’s how I have gotten this far in life.

I studied Plant Science in school.
realized the knowledge I was getting from studying plants wouldn’t be enough to build the life I want for me and my family.

I took up computer programming. entirely Self Thought
I have learned and mastered Multiple programming languages to the point where I am officially one of the most sought-after Computer Programmers in Nigeria.

To have to endure this much torture on a monthly bases from the hands of those who have been charged with securing our lives is just sad. Am fed up with Nigeria.

I have Reported this incidence to The Nigeria Police Multiple times nothing has ever been done.

This particular incidence has been tabled with Public Complaint Rapid Response Unit  – PCRRU, Nigeria Police Force,  and all I get is silence. nothing can be done.

You are a young man you drive a car and stay in Port Harcourt. you must be guilty of some crime. that is their justification for beating me up.

“Admit you are a yahoo boy and write it down here else I go continue”

Those are the words he repeated continuously as he raised his hands and landed multiple blows on my body.

at the end of the day, they took 150k  from me. and asked me to write that i offered them a bribe to facilitate my release.  all this happened in under 3hours on Sunday.

Very sad and depressed.
A country of animals and illiterates’.

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