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 “Here Is Why Nigerians Should Stop Praising Politicians When They Provide Jobs”

A man once told me that the reason why the blacks are completely different from the whites is because we have not yet evolved to the level they are… We are at the point they were in the 1880s and we are still evolving…

Nigeria is a country in ruins and not because of the government, but because of the people.. Remember, Nigeria is not a place, but a people.

The political system of Nigeria is still a do or die affair just as the same way Emperors were being murdered anyhow in China (in the olden days), we are still not evolved to understand things and that is why we praise our politicians and kiss their feet.

look at it this way… We are the ones who employ (elect) politicians e.g Buhari to work in their office and we can take them out if we don’t want him after 4 years.

Now, look at it this way, when a boss employs a worker he gives the worker the list of his duties and expects the worker to do them without fail because he is getting paid.. That is the same way Buhari was employed to do certain duties without fail because he is getting paid…

Now, this worker does his job and the company moves forward. There is no boss in this world that praises the worker for doing his job. Bosses only praise workers for adding more to their job, for doing it perfectly, for helping them reduce costs, for doing it faster and they are given promotion.

Now when I look at Nigeria, when Buhari builds roads, gives electricity, water, build schools or provide jobs, people keep praising him, why do they do that? Buhari was employed to do these things and he does them accordingly so we should not be surprised. There is no boss in Nigeria that is surprised that his worker does things just as he wanted them to do it.

Bosses are only surprised that workers do more to it and bring a perfect job… Now let’s say Buhari provides 3m jobs in 3months. Now that is something we praise him for because we employed him to provide jobs, but the speed at which he does it makes him deserve praise… Between a fast and slow typist who receives praises. The fast one, and not because his work is better or cleaner, but because he saves time…

Nigerians need to understand this that we are not begging these people, these people depend on us and we are their bosses, but Nigerians prefer to be lied to and praise them when they build roads as if we employed Buhari for nothing…

When we keep praising these politicians for doing what they are supposed to do we keep reducing our expectations for them and they keep doing the little things we praise them for, this cycle continues till they leave office and even after they leave office.. And that is why for over 18 years of democracy no politician has been able to solve the problem of the people… Because the people who vote them are comfortable with the little things they do…

They build roads we hail, they build bridges, we hail, they build street lights we hail and I wonder why we employed them in the first place

Will you keep praising Buhari, Okowa, Wike, Ambode etc or any politician from any part for building roads, for providing jobs, for providing quality healthcare… Isn’t that why we employed him in the first place.

Ask yourself these questions and stop accepting little things from these politicians, because this cycle will continue even after the death of Buhari and Obasanjo… don’t say that Nigerians will never listen, because you are a Nigerian, if you listen and implement it, that means others will too…

I am just trying to look at things differently, because you can’t expect a blind man to lead blind men, you can expect a politician that thinks just like you to change a whole country.

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