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 “Actress Lizzy Anjorin Calls Out President Buhari And Other Nigerian Politicians”

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I agreed that President Muhammadu Buhari was misquoted for saying Nigerian Youths are lazy.
Your Excellency, Sir. I saw you in London/abroad putting on a foreign jacket, Sir. To show you how diligent and hardworking I am as a Nigerian Youth. I sent you a wonderful prayers and greetings on 28-2-2017 via a viral video. Am sure you don’t see them, Sir. Then  I took my time to prepare a fantastic attire that will challenge the International Designers.  I made this  attire to test my strenght as a Nigerian Youth. I came out bold and tall to tell you that in the history of the black race, I Lizzy Anjorin, from Badagry Local Government, Lagos State was the 1st African Youth that will make  dual jacket made with Local fabric. I was able to achieve this with the help of 22 hardworking Nigerian Youths, spent 64 days with over #960,000 diesel(No light in my area for few months ago, Sir. And if they brought the light it won’t shock me even if I put my tongue). I went through all these in order to make this well stoned and well detailed hand made Ankara jacket with attached parcel fibre and detached during summer. It can be rocked in Winter and Summer and it has been tested and trusted. Sir, I was embraced, encouraged and loved with good price overseas. In which I can bring it to your table for adequate test, Sir. But I still have trust in you up till this moment am typing this that you can make  this great Nation a better place for the Youths to explore and display their untaped talents, Sir. If i make this overseas, I will earn a future but with your support in making Nigeria a better place to live for a hardworking Nigerian Youths like me, Sir. I swear, I  will not forget your great support,  Sir. If  you can provide good electricity, good security and good job opportunities for the Youths, Sir. Then given opportunity to talented Youth like me, a project where you and every government officials make some  attires or this jacket from me that can be rocked here in Nigeria or overseas.

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