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 (Romance Story) – Do Other Married Men Feel This Way? (18+ Only Check) 

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The wife have clearly not done well. Exactly What happens when spouses fail to understand each other. She may have seen that you lost your job and you ain’t doing any clear thing about it. This other lady that gave you 2.5m did well. But not a genuine reason to go sleeping with her. You may be causing more harm to yourself and your family with this complication you want to enter it. You also have to come out clean and first ask your wife the reason for her behaviour and the pizza’s you saw in her car. Don’t just rely on assumptions. I know you are hurt but don’t let your anger push you into destroying your marriage. Tell your wife your mind and if she’s a good woman, she will apologise and change. Selfish she may have been but their are sometimes in life that we are rubbed of our common sense. And please, do forgive her. Remember, after everything, family will still be where you will come back to when all else fails you.

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