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 (Romance Story) – Why Do I Always Meet Poor Girls With So Much Demands – Read This Guy’s Story

Honestly I dont even know where to start. I am tired of supporting girls financially. Since I started dating women, I cant say I have been lucky. Its always buy me this and buy me that. Phone, laptop, recharge cards, dash me, transport etc, I have done it all. Though when I recently started complaining, my close friend told me that he has also been doing same but didnt want to let guys know so that people will not laugh at him.

After all the expenditure, u still break up with them when you get tired of the demands. Does it mean that MAJORITY of Nigerian girls use guys for money? Or is it just me.

I seriously need a gf that will not ask me for anything. Some of my friends will tell you how they have dated one or two wonderful girls that dont demand for anything but not me, I cant point to any girl that I have dated, that I didnt spend money on.

Guys I honestly want to know if this is a general problem or is it just me. ALWAYS meeting poor women, even now that I am looking for a wife, still meeting heavy demanders that I cant settle with. GOD HELP ME OUT. AMEN.

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