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 My Friend And His Girlfriend Had Serious Quarrel And Here Is The Funny Reason

I just want to share this and have people say their experiences. It could be helpful.

I’m not a kid though but in terms of sexual stuffs I’m a novice, yes! Not that I can’t do it well but hate samplings different products, if one can understand what I mean. I’m extremely reserve maybe due to my upbringing. I can stick to one person so religiously and can stay off sex if the person isn’t available no matter how long. Consequently, I might not get to know some certain things other guys know.

I settled a serious disagreement between my friend and his gf which could have ended their relationship. His gf came visiting and stayed with him for some time. She later left, saying she needed to run an urgent errand for her Aunt but came back same day in the night. The following morning, there was a bitter quarrel which I didn’t know what actually caused it and no one was willing to divulge.

After much confusion, my friend later called me to one side and said that the ‘place’ he entered before she left and entered again when she came back was no longer the same that she slept with someone else that day. The lady denied at first and it was funny to me as well. I told him that could be untrue but he stood firm and said what he told me was absolute truth. After things were getting out of hand, the lady later confessed what the guy said was true.

I had to beg the guy… no be small begging and preaching o before things seem to be normal but my guy still dey vex bitterly

When I still asked him privately how he got to know, he said I dey always abuse am say him be bad guy that he won’t tell me the difference. So, I’m kind of curious, how did he know?

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