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 See How Much Nigeria Is Paying Yearly for Subsidy (Don’t Be Shocked !!!)

As shared by Reno Omokiri . Read below.

Kachikwu has admitted that the Buhari administration is paying ₦1.4 trillion per annum for subsidy (which is even more than the Jonathan administration they complained about). Now I ask you, are you getting fuel to buy at affordable prices like you were during the Jonathan govt?

Jonathan transparently told Nigerians he was paying subsidy and appropriated funds from National Assembly. But Buhari, after lying that subsidy was a Jonathan ‘scam’, was secretly paying even more subsidy than GEJ, at ₦1.4 trillion, without appropriation from National Assembly!

Buhari said subsidy was a scam and doubled the cost of fuel from the ₦87 that Jonathan left it to ₦145 today. Now they are paying the same ‘scam’ subsidy of ₦1.4 trillion yet you still cant get fuel regularly and when you do you actually pay more than the ₦145 official price.

If Jonathan transparently paid fuel subsidy after appropriations by National Assembly and fuel was ₦87 and Buhari is secretly paying fuel subsidy without appropriations by the National Assembly and fuel is ₦145, the question you should ask is who is really corrupt between them?

How would you feel if GEJ announced a UK holiday while is still captive and terrorists killed 11 soldiers in Plateau, robbers robbed 5 banks in Offa killing 5 policemen, all these while herdsmen kill Nigerians daily while millions of Nigerians languish in IDP camps?See How Much Nigeria Is Paying Yearly for Subsidy (Don't Be Shocked !!!)

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