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 She Wants To Deal With Me Herself. Help!!! (18+ Only Read)

 I don’t know where to start from, but I will make my story very short and straightforward.
As a guy,womanizing is like a five star credit for some of us while it a sin and looks disgusting for others. I guess am part of the five stars families here. I feel dating a girl won’t give me my full five star so I do minimum of three at a time.

Am a 400l student, I was in my hostel this faithful afternoon when the female friends in my hostel where discussing there normal aproko gist,they talked about a girl on campus they claim to be a bitch,that not the first time am hearing about her,but have not had the opportunity to get close to people who knew her directly just some distant hearing about her. But thanks to God, mercy(not her real name)knew her well. So I waited for them to dismiss their gathering before going to mercy directly. I asked her about the girl, she just looked at me and the only thing that could come out of her mouth is “p***y no dey tire you”,i just laughed and told her you understand now with a smile on my face.

we spoke about her for a while,and all I was after was to get her digit. Mercy declined me the digit claiming she likes me and won’t want me to hangout with that kind of girl. The only thing mercy did was to show me her pictures claiming that the only favour she could do for me. After our conversation that evening, I lost interest in Teniola(not her real name).

On the 6th of January this year,i was on facebook messenger around 10pm in the evening when I met someone that looked like Teniola on my page with the same name,it was like paradise coming to me,little do I know i was digging my grave myself. So I had her all this while as a friend, I exclaimed with half joy in me, I messaged her and fortunately for me she was online to reply me in few minutes.
The conversation didn’t go smooth at first but she later gave me audience after some series of familiarisation from me,we chatted long till I was falling asleep and to my surprise, she was pleading with me not to leave.she said she enjoys my company so I asked for her digit and she didn’t oblige with me.
That was where it all started, I made sure I was the first to call Teniola the next morning to show my seriousness towards her,after somedays of continuous chatting with her, i invited her over to my place and lo,Teniola was just like they had said about her,it didn’t take me 30min to get down on her(you should know what I mean by that)……..I didn’t ask Teni out and she also didn’t look like someone who wants to be tied down by a guy.

I and Teniola continued laying ourselves countlessly without any issue between us, March 24, Teniola was at my place as usual and she told me she would like us to move away from being friends with benefits to proper Boyfriend and Girlfriend,i didn’t want to lose a sure babe as I always fondly call her when am with my male friends so I played along telling her have wanted to make it proper between us but am just taking my time.

Fastforword to May…..

The main point of all this story is; TENIOLA IS PREGNANT and she claims the baby is mine,when she told me this, I just laughed and told her she must be kidding,I told her about all have heard about her laying with different guys on campus. I told her to go find the father of the child or better still abort it that it can’t be mine. To my surprise Teni just told me you will see.

I didn’t take Teni’s word serious neither did I bother to look back on what was the aftermath of the pregnancy,that was the last time Teni came to my hostel. Teni would send series of text messages to me threatening me of ruining my life. I taught it will end there not until I started having dreams seeing myself in the midst of women in blacks, all I was hearing was ;”I will deal with him myself don’t touch him” in Teni’s voice. She will always text me saying the same words “I will deal with you myself”

She has started dealing with me, because i have sold my laptop,home theater,television,everything I had as a bachelor since May that this incident has happened… Money don’t last on me again,they have stopped Sending money to me from home for no reason,I can’t calculate the amount of depth am owing currently and my life is becoming unbearable. I can’t say this is what is taking money from me, I don’t know what to do. I need you guys help !

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