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Blogger Okoro Blessing Nkiruka , Owner @break_or_makeup Acquires Brand New Mercedes Benz – (See Pictures)

Shared with Caption ..

3years of blogging .
Chasing my passion .
They called me a story teller and today the story has yielded result.
NKIRUKA you have earned it .
So I gift myself this Benz as my 29th birthday gift ….
Happy birthday to me
Thank you Instagram, you made me a millionaire Turing billionaire.
Next post will carry the long speech .
Too many calls .

For the first in my life words have failed .
See calls, my dm , I see the notifications.
Who I be 😢😢😢.
Instagram has made me a celebrity 😢😢.
My hands are shaking .
This birthday is the best ever .
I have forgotten all the long speech I was suppose to write .
I am just filled with smiles .
Let us do a live video .
Happy birthday to me .
Bless u all
Outfit @nmasugar
Hair @nvoguehair

Just because you asked I will share .
It all began few years ago, in my times of pain and depression, I desperately needed someone to talk to, I had no friends, and was too ashamed to talk to family because of fear of judgment.
I carried a burden as a young girl with no one to help.
I went from church to church, prayer house to prayer house but no solution, nobody was listening all they said was pray pray , but I have been praying. let me express myself .
Some twisted the Bible upside down .
They asked me to go back and beg the man who abused me, domestically violated me and more, I had to go because I wanted to respect the Bible, but he rubbished me .
I knelt down in the stresss of PH, water lines just by everyday super market begging a man to love me and he told me over his dead body (nkiru even if my father wakes up from the grave I will never ever ever again.
I wept in the road as people watched me when he zoomed off .
I gathered my bundle of shame and went into depression.
He said I will amount to nothing but a prostitute if I leave his house 😢.
I begged this man to take me back because I was so scared to face life, but he refused .
I wanted to die .
Little did I know that it was just a process, a fortification to greatness .
Little did I know that some day I will use the story to inspire and teach other women how to be strong .
Then I took on my journey, it was not easy but I kept pushing .
Came into social media, saw it was an open ground, a free place , then I decided to write my story , I penned everything down and felt better , relieved, that was when the dream of @break_or_makeup began .
I decided to tell stories, like a joke people began to share too, like a joke the world began to share …
And that was it.
My name is Okoro Blessing Nkeiruka.
Bork 23rd of May 1989
Secondary school, federal government college okposi .
Studies economics in the university of calabar .
Currently working with the Nigerian police force pensions by profession , relationship blogger by passion, wife , mother of 2boys and a lover of God .
Hey you young man and lady , if you can read this then you can also do better .

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