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 Three Most Wanted Sizes Of Girls And Why – (Read)

Whether it’s a one night stand, dating or marriage; men are persistently specific with the size of women they go for.

The spec of the last girl he enjoyed sex with or his current sexual fantasy and sometimes, mother issues are the factors that will influence a man’s choice of size of woman.

There are 3 popular size categories of women seeked by men: The slim, the thick and the fat. Fyi, “fat” is currently a rude word for plus size, just like “skinny” is rude for slim girls.

Some sizes seem to be the minority and get little attention while some seem endangered and almost going extinct due to high demand but in reality, these 3 specs share almost equally, d attention and traffic from men.

1. Slim Girls:

They seem the most hunted spec but that’s because most young girls are slim, therefore, almost every guy starts by dating slim girls.
Men who love arts and exotics also love “acquiring” slim girls because of how the old media projected only slim girls as models.
Slim girls are the most shown off spec of girls but also the most physically abused.
Slim girls are often complimented as PRETTY because of how pretty sounds like PETITE.

2. Thick Girls:

There are not so many of them around because most girls are either slim, chubby or plus size. Thick girls are almost going extinct, so they are the luxurious and high maintenance spec.
Known for their thick thighs, slim waist and shooting hips, thick girls have all the right sizes of curves at all the right places; making them the most sexually fantasised and objectified spec ever.
Thick girls are often complimented as SEXY because of how sexy is connected to SEX.

3. Plus Size Girls:

It looks like they are left out because they are the most socially underrated spec.
Always underexplored and with the wildest imaginations, plus size girls are mostly the naughtiest, creepiest and most clandestine spec.
Plus girls don’t seek attention, they command it. Yet, they’re quite hard to approach ‘cos they also command space.
Plus size girls are often complimented as BEAUTIFUL because of how beautiful sounds like BOUNTIFUL.
What’s your spec?

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