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 How To Choose A Professional Email Address

It is still a puzzle how technological advancement changes the world of communication so quickly. In the past, we relied on post office to send important messages around the world. In fact, I remember how I felt when a postman brought my admission letter to me at home. But that excitement is not there anymore, electronic mail (Email) has changed everything. However, this article will focus on how to choose a professional email address.

Electronic mail is another term for email, it is a system of sending messages via telecommunications. And professional email address are electronic accounts that are used for business purposes.

Creating a good first impression about your business is a big deal. And having a professional email address is the first step towards the right direction.

As a rule, a professional email address should carry your website domain name. However, if you don’t have a website, there are platforms to use. Some of these platforms are Google, Yahoo, Microsoft etc.

Having a professional email doesn’t apply to entrepreneurs alone, but also job seekers. As a matter of fact, recruiters find it unprofessional when a job applicant uses email address like sexylady1978@gmail.com, happiness4john@yahoo.com, baddest209@hotmail.com etc.

Below are rules to choose a professional email address;

 5 Rules To Choose A Professional Email Address

#1 Your Domain Should Reflect on Your Email Address

One of the things to get right when you want to choose a professional email address is your domain name. In other words, your email address should carry your domain name.

This will give credibility to the mail whenever a client see it. This first rule applies strictly to entrepreneurs and business owners

#2 Don’t Attach A Nick Name To your mail

Another good way to choose a professional email address is not to attach a nick name to your it. Most people make this mistake a lot and it affects the credibility of their business.

Imagine you receiving an email like this – ghost4life@info.com or lazyyouth@naijalafter.com, you will immediately see it as a spam mail right?

This is the same way your client will see it. So, your email address should indicate seriousness and professionalism.

#3 Exclude Number from your email address

The truth is that the world of business is very complicated and most time people interpret things wrongly. Adding a number to your email address for any reason make it unreliable and not trustworthy.

Yeah, there are instances when different people have the same names with you and the only way to differentiate is by adding a number. True, but you wouldn’t be there to explain this to your clients or audience. Therefore, try and get it right from the beginning.

#4 Race, Religion and Gender Marks

By all means, try to devoid your email address of any race, religion and gender mark. All the information contain therein should only reflect your business and nothing else. This will make you to be very professional and unbiased.

#5 Try To Avoid Anything That is Unprofessional

As a final rule, avoid anything that could be characterized as unprofessional. Don’t allow anything that is not related to your business reflect on your email.

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