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 Latest Online Jobs For Students In Nigeria To Earn Money (2018)

Are you a university, polytechnic, college or undergraduate student looking for how to make money online in Nigeria in 2018? Here are some of the latest online jobs for students in Nigeria that pays.

Being broke can be very frustrating and annoying!

I remembered when I started a hotel booking website that drove little or no sales. I hired a team of digital marketers that drove no result, the story changed as I became broke!

Well, my story has changed since then because I discovered how to earn money online while you sleep!

I have built an online marketing training that reveals everything possible ways you can start making money in naira or dollars!

These online jobs for college students require little or with no experience to get started with.

Sounds interesting right?

Making money online in Nigeria is not as difficult as you have imagined it. Since we still live in the era of the internet, it’s not that difficult to earn extra money on the side.

Some poor people search the Internet hoping to find the potential ways to earn money online but they hit a block end.

In fact, a few of you might even end up on scam sites, which are ready to hunt them instantly.


I have listed ways which student can make extra income that will help them through their basic financial needs like travelling expenses, mobile recharges, buying textbooks, handouts etc.

Here is the complete eye-opener guide for students who are searching for a part-time job online to start making money from their schools.

Every student whether male or female can take this article as major guidance if he/she wants to have a part-time or full-time online career along with their studies.

I’ll be sharing every scrap of crucial information with you in this regard.

Before you continue reading this article, here are;

Things you need to earn money online in Nigeria as a student:

  • Basic understanding of how to use the computer and internet.
  • Should understand and write basic readable English.
  • You should have a consistent, persevering and hardworking nature.

With that in mind, here are 11 online jobs for students in Nigeria to earn money while they sleep.

List Of The Best Online Jobs For Students In Nigeria That Pays In 2018

1. Blogging

Blogging is in fact, one of the best ways to earn money as a student.

What is blogging?

A blog is a website that consists of entries called posts that appear in reverse chronological order with the most recent entry appearing first, similar in format to a daily journal. Therefore, blogging is the act of writing a post on a blog.

As a student, before you venture into blogging you need to first come up with an idea (a niche).

What this means is, the area you want to build your blog around — your blog niche!

If you look around, you will find different types of blogs focused on different things in the area of technology, entertainment, school blogs, fashion and so much more.

Here are few ideas that you may like.

Start a news website. You can take the news from TV. As soon as news appears on television, post it on your blog before anyone else does.
You can also provide information services such as how to do things, how to repair stuff, review about new products etc.

Blogging all begins with choosing a niche, immediately followed by creating the actual blog.

How do you create a blog?

Creating a blog is not so difficult these days. In fact, I have covered blog creation in more details, read this article to learn how to build your own website under 24 hours.

Or click here to attend our digital marketing training to learn how to create a successful website and make HUGE money while schooling.

How will you get paid for blogging?

Blogging has different monetisation method.

You can choose to partner with PPC advertising networks such as Google Adsense, Infolinks, Chitika and more. You can also opt to monetise your website or blog by selling direct advertising space on it.

If you can make your blog so popular by driving a lot of traffic to it, then selling advert space like Linda Ikeji would be easy.

Things to remember?

As a student, I do not expect you to publish articles every day, don’t let this affect your school activities. you should find a way to balance blogging and school because blogging requires frequent updating.

You must structure your website in a way that your audience understand when you will be pushing out new articles.

In addition, as a blogger do not build your blog around plagiarism (Stealing or copying other people’s content). If you don’t refrain from that, you can be slapped with copyright infringement or even penalised by Google, thus losing all your organic rankings and traffic.

Here is what to do:

Instead, write and create everything on your website all by yourself in your own simple way of communicating. However, you can take an idea from blogs already existing on the internet and see how they craft their content.

A quick advice for you: Don’t think of money for the first few months of blogging, focus to get average 1000 visitors daily. If you get that target you will get money as well.

One of my employees drives huge traffic to his website and how he actually achieved this will be covered in our digital marketing training course.

2. SEO Jobs

SEO job is among the many digital jobs out there.

Becoming an SEO expert as a student means learning an improved variety of Search Engine Optimisation techniques to help improve a website search engine rank.

Remember where I talked about how one of my employees grew his website visitors above? SEO is one of the tactics he deployed.

Once you master SEO, you can even start your own company.

What is SEO?

SEO is an acronym for “Search Engine Optimization.” And it’s a strategy used to get exposure, rank and drive organic traffic to your website via search engines.

There are people who are making quite a lot of money from their SEO businesses after going through our digital marketing training and you would be surprised to know that they all started as an SEO.

You can start your own SEO company in Nigeria but before that, you need to understand what it takes.

To start up an SEO company is a very tough task. You can become a student entrepreneur if you know how the search engine works and how to ensure your client’s websites rank increases after optimisation.

How to start an SEO business as a student in Nigeria

Starting up an SEO job is not simple. You need to be very much defined by your core requirements, you need a process that works.

To start up your own SEO company and make it successful, you should follow the checklist below:

  1. Gather the necessary knowledge (Click here to register for our digital marketing training course)
  2. Use tools to gather more ideas
  3. Start getting clients
  4. Outsource

To make your SEO business thrive in Nigeria, you have to understand the basics of website optimisation and ensure you’ve implemented what you are bragging about. Calling yourself the best SEO company in Nigeria will warrant you’re on top on Google search when prospective clients search for the highlighted keyword.

You can click here to check out our complete digital marketing course outline, For you to successfully set up an action SEO company in Nigeria, you should have acquired all the necessary digital skills needed to succeed and to be called an SEO expert or strategist.

These are some of the ways you can start earning money from your SEO firm in Nigeria. Before you start your company, you need to be defined what you want, how to get clients and how you want your company to grow.

3. Freelancing

Freelancing is one of the best online jobs for students and a better option compared to Blogging.

A lot of people out there needs help solving or fixing one or two things in their business. We can’t deny that not all can afford the services of a professional company. A few online businesses today just need someone who can carry out task faster and more effectively without breaking the bank.

So why all this?

In today’s world, many are looking for ways to save money and cut down expenses by hiring freelancers to execute a simple task.

Imagine someone going to Google to search for “cheap graphic designer”?

What this is indicating is, this folk is looking to employ a someone to help with the design.

As a student, freelancing is just the best alternative if you don’t have all the patient for blogging.

You can simply choose to be a freelancer!

But first:

Who is a freelancer?

A freelancer is self-employed person offering services, usually to businesses and often to multiple clients at a time.

So, let’s look through the most popular freelance jobs in Nigeria.

  • Content writing jobs
  • SEO jobs
  • Email marketing jobs
  • Virtual assistant jobs
  • Graphic design jobs etc.

How do you become a freelancer?

The honest truth is, without the required skills, you can’t freelance. As a matter of fact, you can’t impress whoever is hiring you.

So, how do you get all the skills needed?

As a prospective freelancer, you have to look deep into yourself to know where your passion lies — is it content writing, Search Engine Optimisation, email marketing, graphics design and so one.

Simply follow your passion and acquire the needed ability.

For example; to learn SEO, Email marketing and other digital marketing skill, you can just CLICK to register for our next digital marketing training to learn how to make money offering your digital skills to companies, SMEs and individuals.

Where to get freelancing jobs in Nigeria

There are websites that connect verified freelancers to companies/small businesses/individuals that need your expertise to get things done quickly and cheaper.

Here are some of the freelancing platforms you can get freelance jobs within Nigeria:

  1. ASUQU
  2. FindWorka
  3. Jo-Lancer
  4. Fiverr

There are quite a lot more covered by Invoice NG, you can check out the article to access the full list.

4. Social Media Jobs

Utilising social media to its fullest potential can propel a business to the next level — if done the right way.

Yet the world of social media marketing is still new to many people and is constantly evolving especially in Nigeria.

A lot of business owners today claim to be social media experts but, have persistently made these social media mistakes without taking a look at the effect it has on their brand.

Students have a habit of wasting precious time on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. and that’s one of my reasons for mentioning this as one of the online jobs for students in Nigeria.

Students in colleges, universities, polytechnics and other tertiary institutions in Nigeria must learn that social media marketing plays a huge role in today’s marketing.

Thus, those who have a knack for social media can leverage that medium, grow an exciting career and make money from it while in school.

Entering the digital world can be intimidating to those looking to expand their online presence. For business owners who aren’t interested in handling social media marketing themselves, outsourcing is an option. And providing these social media services to other companies can be a business in itself.

If you’ve ever thought about how to start your own social media business, consider looking at existing social media companies in Nigeria.

These companies are social media management agencies and they basically specialise in maintaining the Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and blog presence for other businesses. Sometimes, these such companies also assist other business owners with planning social media strategy.

How to start a Social Media Marketing business as a student in Nigeria

Starting up a Social Media Marketing business is not simple. You need to be very much defined by your core requirements, you need a process that works.

To start up your own  Social Media Marketing company and make it successful, you should follow the checklist below:

  1. Gather the necessary knowledge (Click here to register for our digital marketing training course)
  2. Use tools to gather more ideas
  3. Start getting clients
  4. Outsource

Our digital marketing course covers all the aspect of SMM and will assist you in the following areas listed below;

  • Create your own social media marketing agency from home
  • Offer a wide range of social media and digital marketing services
  • Have the products and tools necessary to find and close clients
  • Up-sell and cross-sell your clients on other related and value-added services
  • Create a website that advertises your services and gets leads

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