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 Lady calls out makeup artist using her wedding picture for branding in Lagos – Pictures

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So my mum called me a few days ago to tell me she saw a big poster of me on the front door of a makeup studio and she stopped to ask the makeup artist if I was aware they were using my picture for advertisement and she said yes, that it was her and her boss that did my wedding makeup. When I heard it, I was upset because this wasn’t the first or 20th time I’ve had people call me to tell me they saw a big poster of me or my hubby somewhere in Lagos, and even as far as kafanchan. But what made me really upset was the makeup artist lying to my mum that I gave them the permission to use my picture. For the records, @oshewabeautywas the one who did my wedding makeup. Anyway, I was around the area today, so my mum decided to take me to the makeup studio to see this thief. When I got there, instead of the lunatic to apologize, she was busy running her mouth that she has the right to use any makeup artist’s work and anybody’s picture she sees on Instagram for advert. I was so shocked at her level of illiteracy and stupidity. Next thing she said her boss worked with oshewa for 3 months and Oshewa was the one who gave them my picture to use, and that @oshewabeauty normally gives them her work to use as theirs to get customers. I contacted Oshewa and she said it’s a BIG LIE!
Normally I would let things like this slide but for how long ? How long are we going to say “it’s normal, everybody does it?”Stealing other makeup artist’s work is deceitful and shameful, it’s one of the worst things u can do as a makeup artist. There are no shortcuts to success, u have to start somewhere and being unethical will not help u. Part of being a good makeup artist is learning to master ur own unique technique that makes u stand out from the rest. There’s no excuse for bad behavior. @iphypromakeovers PLEASE REMOVE MY PICTURE FROM YOUR MAKEUP STUDIO!! I don’t know u, and you’ve never done my makeup, let alone my wedding makeup. Pls desist from this shameful act of stealing, and have confidence in ur own work. I pray God helps u find ur own special sauce that would help u stand out as a makeup artist.

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