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 See What A Heartbroken Bread Winner Did After Her Shop Was Demolished (Photos)

A woman nearly ran mad and said that she prefers death than being alive after her only means of livelihood was demolished by the Governor Willie Obiano led Anambra State government. The heartbroken woman who is said to be the bread winner – rolled on the ground while crying and cursing the state governor after her shop was demolished by task force in Nnewi.

Facebook user King Promxy Jonathan wrote:

“AFTER GOV WILLIE OBIANO demolished her shop at Nnewi and this woman were crying and rolling cursing Willie obiano that God will see her family feel the same humiliation she face and that peace will never be in gov Willie obiano family and when I try to ask her some questions , the lady was crying bitterly and I couldn’t hold my tears seen her hard earn shop demolished .

Gov willie please try and reach out to this lady because heaven will remember this lady tears on that faithful day and remember they never voted for you to cause pain rather you were voted to govern well. Chidimma Tonia who is governor aide should see wat his principle did to this lady. She is the bread winner of her family and now this family has lost a big tin. After power judgement follows. My heart is still in deep pain .”

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